Sennet AI API Docs

Get started API Endpoint The Sennet API provides access to all the endpoints used for Sennet Dashboard. With Sennet API you can get historical prices, social media data or analized news for any symbol, from both stock and crypto markets. To use this API, you need an API key. You can get your API key on your profile page.

Here you can find all the documentation and information related to Sennet AI API. Before using our API, make sure you have your authentication token, you can find it in your profile page. We are currently working on creating a better and more powerful API, so we recommend you to periodically check this docs to find new changes and updates.

API Authentication

All API endpoints need authentication, in order to provide that authentication you need an authentication token.

Lets say you have an authentication token FqWduKf7LZrhv8m28Ixd4IppRQLy4YQ0.
In order to make a valid request, you need to pass that authentication token in the headers of your request, under this header:
"Authorization": "Token __your_token__"

So in this case, the request headers must be: "Authorization": "Token FqWduKf7LZrhv8m28Ixd4IppRQLy4YQ0"
An example with curl:
curl -H 'Authorization:Token FqWduKf7LZrhv8m28Ixd4IppRQLy4YQ0'


  'symbol': 'BTC', 
  'name': 'Bitcoin', 
  'price': 60477, 
  'description': 'Bitcoin is the first successful internet money based on 
  		  peer-to-peer technology ...',
  'total_volume': 66074349063, 
  'market_cap': 1131277390406, 
  '24h_change': 2775, 
  '24h_change_percentage': 4.80966, 
  '7d_change_percentage': 23.37325,
  '30d_change_percentage': 26.47824, 
  '1y_change_percentage': 991.08345