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The Insider Activity Platform for Investors

Check the latest insider transactions of publicly traded companies and get notified on your favourite stocks.


Track insider activity from a unified platform

Check the latest insider transactions of publicly traded companies. Track the evolution of insider activity across time and get notified every new insider transaction is made.

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Get notified every time a new insider transaction is made. Create a follow list with your favourite stocks and stay up to date


Dive into historical insider data and discover our cutting-edge algorithm to detect patterns on price movements.


Use our powerful API for your own projects

Scalate your own project on top of our technology with our powerful API. Get the latest insider activity for any stock or fetch all insider activity for a specific date. Now also you can get insiders summary, with multiple metrics to get started. All of this from an easy-to-use API.

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headers = {'Authorization':'Token FqWduKf7LZrhvd4IppRQLy4YQ0'}
url = "https://sennetai.com/api/insiders/AMZN/"

response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

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