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The News Analysis Platform for Investors

Get the latest news for any stock and cryptocurrency. Discover the sentiment from news with AI, predict the market impact and much more.


Analyzed market news with AI

Check the latest news of your favorites stocks and cryptocurrencies. Our cutting-edge algorithms analyze the sentiment of financial news and predicts the impact in the market price and volatility. You can also analyze your own news and use our technology to build powerful applications. Everything fully integrated in an easy to use platform.


Use our powerful API for your own projects

Scalate your own projects on top of our technology with our powerful API. Get high quality processed news with AI for the stock market and the cryptocurrency market. Get the latest news for any symbol or filter the news by media or date. All of this from an easy-to-use API.

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headers = {'Authorization':'Token FqWduKf7LZrhvd4IppRQLy4YQ0'}
url = "https://sennetai.com/api/stocks/news/AMZN/"

response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

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