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Social Sentiment Analysis for Stocks & Crypto

We track the social activity across all mayor social media platforms. Discover now what investors are thinking about any stock or cryptocurrency with the latest tools for social sentiment analysis.

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Social sentiment analysis for any stock or crypto

Our technology tracks the social activity on mayor social media platforms for both cryptocurrencies and the stock market. Save endless time searching on social media and find out now what investors are thinking about any stock or cryptocurrency with the latest social sentiment analysis tools.


Track your favorite stocks & cryptocurrencies

With our technology it is now easier than ever to follow the social sentiment activity of your favorite stocks and cryptocurrencies and receive notifications about important social sentiment changes. Save time doing your own research by creating a list of favorites in a couple of clicks.


Discover trending symbols on social media

Follow what's trending today on social media. Get ahead of other investors with access to the hottest social sentiment trends. Discover new trends for over 6000 stocks and 6000 cryptocurrencies.


Get notified with social sentiment signals

Keep up with the latest changes in social media activity with alerts, set a metric you want to track and a threshold. Every time that threshold is exceeded, you will receive an alert. Be the first to know about changes in social sentiment activity.


Get new insights from historical data

Analyze up to one year of historical social sentiment data. Get a broader view of the evolution of social sentiment over time for any symbol. Discover patterns between social sentiment and stock market trends.


Use our powerful API for your own projects

Create your own projects on top of our technology with our powerful APIs. Get high quality social sentiment data with the latest AI tools for the stock market and the cryptocurrency market. Get the current social sentiment for any symbol, filter the sentiment by date or discover the latest social sentiment trends.

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headers = {'Authorization':'Token FqWduKf7LZrhvd4IppRQLy4YQ0'}
url = "https://sennetai.com/api/stocks/social-sentiment/AMZN/"

response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

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